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Brad Reviews “Cyrus” starring Jonah Hill and John C. Reilly

Posted: July 2, 2010 at 6:47 am   /   by   /   comments (1)

“I am SHREK”

Cyrus Movie Poster Jonah Hill John C ReillyI love to go to Independent Films. Most of these films will have actors and actresses step out of their normal type casting, and into a whole new world. I was hoping to see this in the movie “Cyrus”. I was very satisfied to see that the Duplass Brothers film will change your perception of an actor for the better. When I say “Jonah Hill,” you probably think “ fat funny guy,”(if you know me don’t get us confused) with scenes from the comedies of the last few years replaying in your head.. What you’re not getting is a far darker persona that Hill pulls off with accuracy and precision as the title character in “CYRUS”. This turn against type isn’t as obvious and predictable as, say, Robin Williams as a stalker in “ONE HOUR PHOTO” Hill’s careful performance as the only child of single mom Marisa Tomei is as the film itself; with his meek haircut and quiet, conservative clothing, Hill makes Cyrus a mixture of humor, aggression, vulnerability, and uncertainty.

Cyrus is a 21-year-old sensitive young man who’s been under his mother’s roof – his entire life. When Molly (that is what he calls his MOM) starts a romance with a lonely divorced guy (John C. Reilly), Cyrus starts acting weird. Hill is still funny even with all of his weird discomfort able behavior. You tend to start to love Hill, as well as Reilly’s character, which in many ways is like an older version of Hills. I really think that is why Molly falls in love with Reilly’s character, he reminds her of her son.

For as much as Hill can create the film’s mood, his co-stars create the scene where their twisted love triangle can flourish. Reilly, usually the main shameless schmo in a movie, provides leading man power. Reilly can still deliver an embarrassing moment or two, but they don’t define his character. Reilly’s ability to grasp himself emotionally and confidence are what does the trick. Just as with Hill without Reilly “Cyrus” would not have been able to be made. Tomei also does great in another Independent film. Just as she did in the “Wrestler” Tomei is the strong girlfriend. She uses her facial expressions and feminine strengths to paint a mother that’s strong but needy, protective but willing to take risks. Tomei brings a sultry passion to the story which makes you think what could happen between Reilly and Tomei. As Reilly says “I am Shrek” what is a beautiful women like you doing flirting with me? I am Shrek
“Cyrus” could have been a broad comedy with Reilly always fumbling for the right words, the right moments? It also could have been another Agnew film where Hill could play his normal type character. Both of those would have been good films to see, but those are easy choices, and in the Independent film world they look for how to make things different. Although the conclusion of “Cyrus” feels too tidy for the rest of the film, there is some slow moments in the film, but the focus is on actors’ talents, and they bring out some true emotion. That is a real difference in this film. I would tell everyone who has the chance to go watch this film. It is not your normal Shoot ‘ em up or Side splitting comedies we are used to in the Summer Flicks. This film will make you laugh but also fell for all of the characters. I enjoyed it, and I am sure you will as well.

Buckeye Brad gives Cyrus a B+. Go see it you will enjoy it!