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6 Movies Featuring Motorhomes, In Honor of ‘We’re The Millers’

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Movie #5: The Golden Age ComedyThe Long, Long Trailer

Year – 1954

The oldest film on our list stars Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Released in February of 1954 when I Love Lucy was halfway through its fourth season. Seeking to capitalize on their incredible popularity, Lucy and Desi took the big screen playing characters that were, well, essentially identical to those on their legendary sitcom. The played newlyweds who decide that, given the nature of Desi’s career as a civil engineer, it would be easier and cheaper to buy a motorhome than it would a house.

From there it’s basically I Love Lucy on wheels – Lucy creates chaos giving directions. Lucy creates chaos trying to help Desi back-up the trailer. Lucy creates chaos trying to cook while Desi is driving. Lucy creates chaos…well, you get the idea. But if you enjoyed their antics on television there’s no reason you wouldn’t also enjoy their roadshow.

That being said, the studio wasn’t quite so sure. The higher-ups were concerned that America wouldn’t pay to see Lucy & Desi when they could see them on television for free. However, Desi felt otherwise and put his money where his mouth was by betting a studio executive $25,000 that not only would the film be a hit, it would out gross Father of the Bride; then the studio’s highest grossing comedy. Desi won. – TOK

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