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6 Movies Featuring Motorhomes, In Honor of ‘We’re The Millers’

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Movie #6: The Reluctant Movie StarWinnebago Man

Year – 2009

Jack Rebney had not planned on becoming an internet phenomenon when he shot a series of RV commercials twenty or so years ago, but that’s exactly what happened. After the outtakes from the commercial shoot made their way to VHS and, eventually, across the internet, Rebney was soon dubbed “The Angriest Man In The World,” thanks in no small part to his short fuse and long list of four-letter words.

So mesmerizing were Rebney’s toxic tirades, they inspired documentarian Ben Steinbauer to hire a detective to discover the whereabouts of the infamous “Winnebago Man”. What he finds is that there is more to Rebney than just a reluctant internet celebrity.

Not the glossiest documentary out there, Winnebago Man is an enjoyable, engaging look at a man who, yes, is quite angry – perhaps justifiably so – but also quite articulate and serves as a broader look at the very idea of celebrity. DG

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