Free Popcorn Wednesday at Wehrenberg Theaters Ends as MVP Program Is Revamped
Jan 2014 31

R.I.P. Free Popcorn Wednesdays at Wehrenberg Theaters.


Wehrenberg issued this release on their website:

If you are a moviegoer near one of Wehrenberg’s 16 multiplexes, and you have ever been on a Wednesday – chances are you have enjoyed a free popcorn. For the last two years members of Wehrenberg’s free rewards program, MVP (Movie Viewer Program), have been able to show their card at the concession stand every Wednesday and receive a complimentary medium popcorn (around a $7 value) and still chance to win galaxys8 phone. As of December 18, 2013 the program ended.

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Movie Review: ‘Blackfish’ Documentary on Whales and SeaWorld Opens Today at Landmark Plaza Frontenac
Aug 2013 02

“When you look into their eyes, you know somebody is home. Somebody’s looking back.”    – John Jett, Former SeaWorld Trainer

Blackfish Whales at SeaWorldThose words, spoken by a former trainer in Blackfish, drive home a point that many, many people can easily forget – this is not a person in a costume, not an animatronic figure that is timed to move to the music. It’s a living entity… and the star of this particular feature has killed. 3 times.

So far.

Blackfish, directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, is not a sensationalistic spin on the deadly killer whale (hardly deadly, as there is no record of a killer whale attacking a human in the wild, according to the doc) or an activist piece, bent on dismantling and destroying the zoological park system. 

Rather, the film is centered around Tilikum, SeaWorld’s 12,000-pound male orca that killed trainer Dawn Brancheau in 2010 – the third death attributed to him – and those who have worked closely with him over the years. This includes one of the whalers who stole him from his family as a baby, the caretakers and employees of the Canadian aquatic park he first presided at as a young calf (where he suffered abuse from all sides, including other, larger killer whales) and the half-dozen former SeaWorld Trainers who have come forward to dispel the myths and offer their testimony.

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Apr 2012 26

Pretty in Pink Retro Night BB Wildwood 10Do you love PRETTY IN PINK? Never seen it on the big screen? Here’s your chance!

For only $5 per ticket, the B&B Wildwood 10 is having a special one night only showing of John Hughes’ PRETTY IN PINK (The bittersweet love story about two teenagers overcoming class obstacles and forming a relationship). The movie will take place tonight, Thursday April 26th at 7pm – with a portion of proceeds going to the Metro St. Louis Cinderella Project!

Read our review of the B&B Wildwood 10 here.

Just in time for prom season, get your tickets for tonight for PRETTY IN PINK online at or at the box office. For more information about the Metro St. Louis Cinderella Project visit

B&B THEATRES is the 26th largest theatre chain in North America and operates over 200 screens in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Florida. B&B has corporate offices in Liberty, Fulton, and Salisbury, MO and Los Angeles, CA. For more information go to B&B’s website at or follow us on Facebook at

Visit us on and comment on the article post for the chance to win a pair of tickets for tonight!

Mar 2010 12

Great Escape Movie Theater Gravois Bluffs MissouriThe Great Escape Theater in Gravois Bluffs offers the utmost comfort and quality to moviegoers in the St. Louis area. The extraordinary movie theater, which opened in December of 2008, offers plush leather, rocking seats in all of it’s theaters. And now – it is the first theater in the entire state of Missouri to offer digital picture and sound in every theater!

If you haven’t seen the Great Escape in Gravois Bluffs, read our review here.

Starting today, March 12 – every person in the audience will experience the best picture and sound a theater has to offer. And all of this comes at some of the best prices in town! Adult ticket prices are only $9.00 – and matinée, senior, and child prices are $6.75 (Matinee prices till 4pm Friday through Sunday and 6pm Monday through Thursday)!

So check out today’s new releases, and make sure to stop by the Great Escape Theater in Gravois Bluffs for an incredible movie experience.


Gravois Bluffs
The Summit at Gravois Bluffs
754 Gravois Bluffs Blvd
Fenton, MO 63026
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Jun 2009 19

tivoliFor those of you that live around us in St. Louis, the Tivoli is a great place to see some classic movies on the big screen that you don’t get the chance to see anymore.  Cult classics, Hollywood Classics, and more, the Late Night Tivoli Series is a great way to spend your late nights on the weekend through the summer and up until Halloween with the annual screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Check out the screening schedule below!

July 17-18         GREMLINS

July 24-25         DEADGIRL –  Premiere!  projected on Qube


Aug. 7-8            GHOSTBUSTERS

Aug. 14-15        TAXI DRIVER

Aug. 21-22        U2  (National Geographic) – in 3D! admission: $9

Aug. 28-29        LABYRINTH

Sept. 4-5           BACK TO THE FUTURE

Sept. 11-12       PULP FICTION


Sept. 25-26       SERENITY

Oct. 2-3            THEY LIVE

Oct. 9-10           ARMY OF DARKNESS

Oct. 16-17         12 MONKEYS

Oct. 23-24         MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D – in 3D! admission: $9

Oct. 31-Nov. 1 and Nov. 6-7        ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW admission: $10

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