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‘The Tooth Fairy’ Trailer Requires Work

Posted: October 3, 2009 at 6:11 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

tooth-fairy-rock-posterMy first thought upon seeing this trailer is that it is a lame knockoff of The Santa Clause, and that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson should really grab a new agent. My second thought was, “Please don’t kick hockey while it is already down in the ratings.”  This movie looks like your normal trash that gets released in January. Give is a semi-big name, attach some slapstick comedy, throw in a few little cute kids for good measure, and boom you have a product that is worthless. If it seems that I am being a little harsh, it is because I am. I didn’t really enjoy the trailer, but I know it will play to one audience, kids. Adults will most likely cringe at most of what is in that trailer, but put a child in the seat next to you, and giggling will ensue. If things go well for this movie, it might be lucky enough to be the next Paul Blart: Mall Cop.


20th Century Fox presents this family comedy following a star hockey player’s (Dwayne Johnson) temporary transformation into a full-fledged tooth fairy as penalty for discouraging a young fan. Director Michael Lembeck (The Santa Clause 2 and 3) helms the family comedy, based on a screenplay by veteran comedic writers Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel, with additional writing provided by Joshua Sternin and Jeffrey Ventimilia. Ashley Judd and Julie Andrews co-star in the Blumhouse and Mayhem Pictures production. ~ Jeremy Wheeler, All Movie Guide