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St. Louis Filmmakers Top Contenders For $50,000 Prize From Pepsi

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Vote today for St. Louis Filmmakers to win top prize in Pepsi Refresh Challenge!

St. Louis Filmmaker Dan Parris and his crew on “Give a Damn?,” a documentary on fighting poverty, need your help! The film is about two idealist activists (Dan Parris and David Peterka) who convince their friend (Rob Lehr), who is uncertain about his responsibility to care about the poor, to immerse himself in poverty by traveling through the US, Europe, and Africa living on $1.25 a day!

Parris and Lehr were involved in a deadly plane crash last year, while filming the documentary in Africa. While Lehr experienced minor injuries, Parris ended up with painful intestinal damage that lasted for months. A recent surgery was able to take care of most of the pain, but Parris is still not 100%. Both the pilot and copilot were killed in the crash.

Click here to read about the story covering the Nairobi plane Crash from last year.

Watch the incredible trailer for the documentary:
[hdplay id=118 width=595 height=375]

Almost a year later, Parris is working on finishing the film. But he needs your help. The documentary has been entered into the Pepsi Challenge, where the top prize winner will receive $50,000 towards “refreshing America” with their idea. Out of thousands of entries, “Give a Damn?” is currently in 34th place! Voters can vote multiple times per day, so make sure to vote! Here is how the filmmakers will use the funds if they win:


  • $ 20,000 – Finishing Film
  • $ 20,000 – Tour film to schools & churches across country
  • $ 5,000 – Insurance & Legal Costs
  • $ 5,000 – Film Festivals -submission costs, travel

Budget Notes: We have done this entire film so far through small donations by family and friends. None of the main team has been paid; all of us have given everything because we believe in the project!

Please help these St. Louis filmmakers and vote today!