Missouri has legalized fantasy sports; will they legalize sports betting anytime soon?

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Missouri is one of the most well-known and best loved states in the USA. Bordered by states such as Iowa and Illinois, its nickname of The Show-Me State gives a clue as to what makes it so popular. As everyone who lives in St Louis knows, Missouri is a great place in which to spend time and have fun. From checking out a St Louis show such as ‘The Office: A Musical Parody’ at The Grandel to spending time in Springfield, it has much to offer. It is also known as being one of the more progressive states around the USA, certainly in its attitudes towards gambling. This is no doubt helped by the number of huge sports franchises in the area, such as the Kansas City Chiefs.

But what is the current situation in Missouri concerning fantasy sports and sports betting?

Fantasy sports legal in Missouri

In simple terms, betting on daily fantasy sports (DFS) is perfectly legal in Missouri. This is mostly down to this type of betting being classified differently than traditional sports betting. At federal level, DFS has been classed as a game of skill, rather than a game of chance, and is currently governed by the Missouri Gambling Commission This in turn saw many states allow it – even though they may not yet allow legal sports betting.

May 2016 saw The Show-Me State become the sixth state to legalize daily fantasy sports betting. This type of betting remains very popular around St Louis and other cities in the state – just be sure to find the best daily fantasy sports site to play at before you begin risking any money with them.

Will legal sports betting follow suit?

This is a tough prediction to make, as you can never be sure of how the future will pan out! Many people, though, are confident that Missouri will look to make betting on sports legal in its borders in the not-too-distant future. This is likely to include online betting on sports, as well as mobile betting and placing bets at land-based sportsbooks. With the 2018 US Supreme Court ruling in this area enabling states to legalize sports betting if they wish, and the decision to make daily fantasy sports betting in Missouri legal, there has never been a better opportunity to do so.

But why might this be the case? In simple terms, there has been a lot of groundwork done in recent times with the legalization in Missouri with the sports betting area. It just would not make sense to waste all the work that has gone into it. It also seems that there is the political will for legal sports betting in the state. Many influential politicians have spoken in favor of it, and public opinion in places such as St Louis seems to welcome it. With three sports betting bills being considered in the House and three more in the Senate, the move to legalize sports betting in Missouri could come sooner than many think.

What benefits could sports betting bring?

Although one motivation to allow legal sports betting in Missouri could be to give people there something new to stay entertained with, and achieve parity with other people around the world, most of the benefits revolve around money. Making sports betting legal is a great opportunity for state officials in Missouri to generate millions in extra revenue. This would mainly be due to the fees and taxes raised from gambling companies themselves.

This extra revenue could allow state officials to increase public spending in places such as St Louis and benefit people greatly. Of course, the ability to bet on sports legally here could also give the tourist economy a boost and make Missouri more attractive for holidaymakers to spend time in. When you also factor in the extra jobs it could bring and the money that people win being spent in and around Missouri, there are many reasons why state officials may welcome it.

Sports betting in Missouri

There is no doubt that this state has a population that loves sports, and it is already home to a thriving casino industry. This seems to set the stage perfectly for sports betting to be allowed here soon. When you also factor in the above benefits, it would seem silly not to! With up to $40 million in sports betting revenue being predicted should it be made legal, this could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Although not quite leading the charge towards sports betting, this is one state that is certainly making the right noises. But for now, St Louis residents can always satisfy themselves with some daily fantasy sports betting.