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Ivan Reitman Back for Ghostbusters 3

Posted: January 13, 2010 at 2:29 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Ivan Reitman let it be know the other day that he will be returning to the Ghostbusters franchise to helm the in pre-production thrid film which looks more and more likely to be happening for an 011 release.  He also dropped a note that the first draft of the script is done and that again bodes well for a summer start date.

Lets just hope that the original cast gets a lot of the screen time and the newbies are just groomed for a potential sequel.

As for casting the newbies, I really hope they go in a geeky direction and try and keep with the science theme.  Maybe all of the people that actually care about ghost busting anymore are just science dorks so the new batch of ghost busters will be just as awkward and misfit as the previous bunch.  I know Michael Cera is a big fan of Ghostbusters and he is (hopefully) about to prove he can not only handle action but play more than one type with Scott Pilgrim later this year.  Also, Jesse Eisenberg has worked with Murrary, rather briefly, and could be a great fit as well I think.  As for the other parts, I don’t know?

Just remember, where do those stairs go? “They go up.”

Full scoop and video at MTV.