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Disney and Jason Segel Are Making THE CHEAPEST MUPPET MOVIE EVER!

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d23-worst-muppet-movie-ever-announcedAs many of you might remember, in early 2008 Jason Segel became attached to the next Muppet project. This came after his performance in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” and the Dracula play that he puts on with puppets that were actually custom-made by Jim Henson’s puppeteers. Segel decided to pitch an idea for a new Muppets movie, and he was hired on the spot to write the script.d23-muppet-worst-muppet-movie-ever-announced

With Disney’s D23 going on, some more information has been released about the latest Muppets movie. According to comingsoon.net, the Muppets performed a song and dance number at D23, and afterward Dick Cook (Disney Chairman) officially announced that the title will be “The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made.”

d23-disney-expo-california-2009Sources say that the title suggests that the story will be based on Jim Henson’s 1985 project that was never made. In that story, Gonzo directs a big budget Hollywood movie, but spends all of the money on the opening credits. This leads to the rest of the movie being shot ridiculously in a make-shift manor. It sounds like a pretty funny and entertaining premise for a new Muppet movie. It has not been confirmed whether or not the new film will use that outline, but it seems likely.

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