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30 Movies Featuring the Workplace, In Honor of Labor Day Weekend

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Movie #28: Car Careers CrumbleGung Ho

Year – 1986

In their second collaboration, Ron Howard and Michael Keaton deliver all the wacky, “aren’t-the-Asians-funny” laughs you could expect in the ’80s – when this film was clearly made – in this story of an American auto plant taken over by a Japanese corporation. Dated, questionably funny and a little too cartoony, the film does still eek out a few laughs. Besides, how can you hate on a movie that has both Clint Howard and Long Duk Dong? – DG

Movie #29: A Really Long Title How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

Year – 1967

J. Pierpont Finch (Robert Morse), armed with a “How to” manual for professional advancement, enters the corporate world in the mailroom and then follows the book’s step-by-step recipe for success. It’s a lighthearted, fast paced musical with themes (and songs) that still resonate today. There was a Tony Award winning revival as recently as 2011.

Today Morse is probably best known as Bert Cooper on Mad Men. This fact adds an interesting twist to the film since it takes place in roughly the same timeframe.


Movie #30: Magazine Machismo In Good Company

Year – 2004

Dennis Quaid and Venom, er, Topher Grace experience a little, corporate Freaky Friday moment as they trade positions in a sports magazine. It’s old-school knowhow vs. slick, trendy and new, and though the film never truly takes a turn towards the dark that you almost sense it is itching to, it manages to hold your interest without becoming trite. – DG

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