Top 3 Things ‘Game of Thrones’ Fans Can Look Forward To Now That The Series Has Ended 

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Although it’s been a little over a month now since the long-awaited finale of HBO’s-acclaimed Game of Thronesseries hit the airwaves, fans’ eagerness for more material certainly hasn’t died down. Indeed, speculation over possible alternate endings is still going strong on the internet (even after the show’s ending definitely isn’t going to change). And in other cases, fans are simply looking for a new fixto fill the Westeros-sized gap in their lives. 

While moving on from a beloved franchise – especially one as long-running as Game of Thrones– is never easy, there are fortunately a number of things Thronesfans can look forward to that will help to make things a bit easier. 

The Upcoming Prequel

Filming on a prequel has already started in Northern Ireland, with a whole new cast on hand. The show is said to take place thousands of years before the events of the main Thronesseries, but fans will likely find that it feels familiar, particularly given the filming location (which was also used for iconic scenes from the Red Wedding to the Battle of the Bastards). 

We don’t know too much yet in terms of what sort of story this prequel will tell, but with acclaimed actress Naomi Watts already confirmed as the de facto face of the project, there is an air of gravitas around it. Granted, the universe of Thronesis not one in which big-ticket actors or protagonists are guaranteed long runs (see: Bean, Sean), but it’s still nice to see that HBO is attracting star-quality talent for the first of many anticipated prequels. All in all, it’s definitely something to be excited for. 

The Possibility Of Video Games

George R. R. Martin has already confirmed that he has been consulting for a video game. “I’m still here, and I’m still busy,” wrote the author in a blog post for the fans. “I’ve consulted on a video game out of Japan.” In line with this, it’s also been rumored that the author is in talks for an open-world project with Japanese developer From Software, the same team behind hits like “Dark Souls” and “Bloodborne.” Now, it doesn’t seem that this game will be set in the world of Thrones, but we wouldn’t completely discount the possibility just yet (at this early stage, information about the game could conceivably be intentionally misleading). 

On top of this possibility, there are already some existing games out there for fans to enjoy. With the “Games of Thrones: Winter is Coming” browser-based game, players can use their wits to strategize how to best lead Westeros. For those inclined toward casino gaming, online casinos from around the worldfrequently carry different versions of slot arcades based on the show. This may not sound like much, but high-end casino platforms in New Zealand and the UK have lately promoted developers doing much to improve on digital casino gaming, and ultimately turning slots into more full-fledged gaming experiences. Finally, there are also mobile Thronesgames available, and while they don’t tend to get great reviews, they do offer another way to stay attached to this wonderful fantasy world. 

An Upcoming Book By George R.R. Martin

The Winds of Winteris set to be the sixth installment in the A Song of Ice and Fireseries on which the show is based, and Martin has promised the arrival of the bookby the summer of 2020 (or else he says we should “imprison” him). This self-imposed deadline comes as a response to an offer of a free flight from Air New Zealand so that he could finally finish the long-awaited book. “George, you’ve been saying, ‘Winter is coming’ for ages now,” the airline teased in a video. “We’re saying it’s already here, and it’s pretty inspiring.” 

Fans have justifiably expressed concern over Martin’s tendency to miss deadlines, but we can at least hope that with the HBO show now behind him, Martin might just shock us and have the book out by next summer.