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Weekly T.V. Reacp: 10-24 through 10-30

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This past week featured quite a few impressive episodes from all of the shows that I am watching (all 35 or so).

When it came to Network Television that majority of the sitcoms featured their “Halloween” Episodes while the Drama’s had their normal run the mill episodes.

In the field of Drama- Revenge had a down week and the newer shows like Grimm (premiered) and Once Upon A Time dominated the week of Drama. The Secret Circle featured their first Halloween Episode in which we found out that the character of Luke is actually a witch hunter and that Cassie has “dark magic” in her and it is going to be difficult for the witch hunters to eliminate the circle because of this. Person of Interest and Unforgettable both had very boring episodes that were very similar to all the rest of the episodes that the shows have been running for the past couple of weeks. Pan Am also featured a rather meaningless episode in which they tried to make Maggie (Christina Ricci) lose her job for something she did in the first episode and by a miracle she retains the job by throwing the Captain and his lover under the bus…rather unneeded episode, if I say so myself. A Gifted Man ran a rerun (so they wouldn’t compete with the World Series). Terra Nova also had the week off for the World Series. Revenge built on the storyline of Lydia falling off the balcony with Frank being fired by the Grayson’s and he then sets out for revenge on the family and to figure out how he got in his situation, and finds some interesting facts about Emily along the way.

Once Upon A Time was once again entertaining the whole way through with Emma Swan adding more fuel to the fire that she has started with Regina (The Evil Queen). Emma and Regina keep going back and forth with blow after blow and Regina thought she finally had her when she mischievously let Henry listen in on a conversation they were having and he ran away up in arms, but Emma fired back by chopping down her famed Apple tree and this forced Regina to enact a law which kicked Emma out of the hotel she was staying at. It is also revealed how the Queen unleashed the evil curse that she has set on all of Storybrooke’s residents.

That brings me to the premiere of the new NBC show Grimm. Grimm is based off of the famed Grimm Fairy Tales but has put a spin on it adding a Detective storyline to the mix. In the first episode the main character Nick Burkhardt has his life turned upside down when he starts seeing strange creatures everywhere he goes. All his questions start to get answered when his aunt Marie, who raised Nick from age 12 on, shows up and they go for a walk. While on this walk they are attacked by one of the monsters that Nick’s family has been fighting for centuries. Marie is severely hurt and sent to the hospital, but not before informing Nick where he can find all the answers to any questions he may have (they’re in her mobile home). Nick is still in the middle of investigating the weirdest case of his career and this information helps to a degree. When a little girl comes up missing, Nick is yet again sent out to investigate and he thinks he has something when he sees someone transform right in front of him and at the edge of the woods where the girl came up missing, so he runs after him and eventually pins him to the ground and the police search the house but to no avail. Upon returning to the house to try and get some more information, Nick is attacked but when talking to his attacker he finds out that he is a monster but he is a nonpracticing monster and he reassures him when he takes him to the man who he is looking for based off of the smell that he is sending off. This leads to an epic battle in which they defeat the monster and rescue the girl. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that every episode won’t be this exciting….but I kind of hope they are (even though it did drag at points).

As for the field of Network Comedies- Like I said in the opening, most of the comedies featured their “Halloween” themed episodes and none of them disappointed. Big Bang featured an episode where Sheldon was trying to scare everyone throughout and didn’t succeed until the bitter end. April and Andy on Parks and Recreation had a party that Ben was unaware of until the last minute (and not invited to). Mike on Last Man Standing took his one year old grandson Boyd out for Trick or Treating, against his mothers commands, and mixed the child up with a neighbor child in the same costume. The Middle featured a very funny episode where Axl and his friends decide to go Trick or Treating (more than once) and then steal candy from the families and try and sell it back. Modern Family reran their Halloween Episode from last year. If I had to rank the Halloween episodes from this year then my Top three would look something like this:

#3 Happy Endings– Penny and Max go to a Halloween party as a connected Mother/Baby costume and they both run into guys that they like and they battle over who is spending time with their respective male counterpart. Dave and Alex also have to battle with certain obstacles as Dave’s Austin Powers costume continues to be confused with Elton John. Alex runs into an even bigger predicament as she is mistaken to be a guy. Brad and Jane get stuck house sitting in the suburbs and that turns about as well as you would think it would

#2 Community– Britta comes back with the test results of a psychological test she performed on the group and turns out that one person has psychotic tendencies (according to the test). She then attempts to figure out who this is by having everyone tell a spooky story and see who is the craziest. Lets just say that none of the stories help her in her diagnosis and things end up a lot worse than they were before.

#1 Suburgatory– I still haven’t pinpointed what I like about this show but the Halloween episode was definitely one of the best ones out there. I mean what better than George making an attempt to turn the neighborhood into his own personal hell. While this is going on we see Tessa taking on the embodiment of a Valley Girl for Halloween and throwing everyone in an uproar because her outfit resembles that of a student who recently died. Oh, did I mention that she also lived in Tessa’s current house/room. George also tries to put the Halloween spirit into Dallas and we finally get to meet her husband as he returns from his business trip.

Man Up! featured a non-Halloween themed episode that put focus on Kenny’s love for Star Wars and the groups attempt to get back his original, beta max, copy for A New Hope (if you don’t know which one that is then shame on you for not being a Star Wars geek).

As for the world of Reality- It was really nothing special this week as we found out that Ozzy wants to go to Redemption Island and make a move to defeat Christine. I was actually shocked that Ozzy would want to do that but I also looked at it as a big power move and Cochran continues to benefit as he cost their team the challenge but Ozzy had this plan already in place so he couldn’t back out on it at that point.

Now we can jump into the world of Cable Television and this week it was the story of two major shows (The Walking Dead and American Horror Story) and one returning show, which I’ll name later.

The Walking Dead continues to be one of the best shows on T.V. as this week we didn’t move forward in the storyline but we built onto the characters (which is never a bad thing). This episode focused more on Shane than anything else as he and Otis were trying to get the medical supplies back to the doctor as Carl still lies there in need of surgery to replace the bullet wound that Otis put in him. Things start to turn to the worse for Otis and Shane so Shane decides that it would be best to sacrifice Otis in an attempt to escape from the Walkers. He returns with the supplies and we are left with Shane standing thinking about what he had just done.

American Horror Story continues to get creepier and creepier from week to week as this past week was no change from that as the dead gay couple who owned the house before the Harmon’s return in the role of “fluffers”. They return to try and spice up the house so that they can sell it but things don’t go so well with that and they are eventually kicked out of the house. Tate continues to try and woe the daughter and his efforts continue to be beyond creepy. You also can’t forget about Mr Harvey who keeps returning to the house demanding money from Ben for killing his mistress. The most shocking turn of events happened at the end when Hayden (Ben’s dead mistress) shows up at their front door.

Finally I sat down and watched one show that I was not proud to watch, which was Beavis and Butt-head. That’s right I actually took the time to watch the return of Beavis and Butt-head and I will fully admit that I was laughing the entire time. They did a twist on the Twilight Saga and decided that they wanted to be vampires/werewolves in an attempt to pick up more chicks, so they found a random homeless man and had him bite them….turns out he had Hepatitis A, B, and C and they found themselves in the hospital.

Let me know what all you guys are watching and give me your opinion on some of the before mentioned shows.

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