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Top Ten Pearl Jam Songs of All Time, in Honor of “Lightning Bolt” Out October 15

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One of the most influential bands in rock history is Pearl Jam.

Pearl Jam "Lightning Bolt" Available on October 15, 2013

Pearl Jam “Lightning Bolt” Available on October 15, 2013

Eddie Vedder and his crew are releasing a new studio album, titled “Lightning Bolt” on Tuesday. Many bands’ have come and gone from Seattle’s grunge-rock era, but Pearl Jam has remained for 23 years. The band has influenced millions with their music and political stance. They are truly the type of band that comes along once in a lifetime.  In honor of the release of their new album, I have decided to scour the vast catalog of Pearl Jam songs in hopes of listing their top ten songs. There are sure to be many who disagree with the list, but when you literally have hundreds of studio songs, live songs, and bootleg songs, there is sure to be some debate.

10. “Animal” – This was the third single for the “VS” album, and was fueled with a great guitar sound and Vedder’s dark, disturbing lyrics helped the song become an Alternative Rock hit.

9. “Black” – Many will argue that this may be the best Pearl Jam song of all-time. It is one of the best sing-along rock songs ever written. It’s a classic from the band’s album “Ten”.

8.  “Sirens” – I’m probably going to take some heat for this one, but I feel this song is that good. It could be due to the crap that’s being put out in the rock music industry, what’s left of it anyway, right now. But, this song is like a breath of fresh air.

7. “Better Man” – After I first heard this song, I was not a fan. It took me a few years to love and respect this song. Again, the band touches on a worldwide problem of abusive relationships. This song features he perfect combination of lyrics and music.

6. “Daughter” – It’s hard to make a list of top ten songs and not have this one on it. It’s classic Pearl Jam. “Daughter” features great vocals and a solid sounding guitar part.