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Tom O’Keefe Reviews ‘American Reunion’ & ‘Titanic 3D’ the Thom and Jeff Show #144 (4/06)

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The Thom and Jeff Show Podcast #144

American Reunion Movie Poster CollageOpening this weekend in theaters is Titanic and an American Pie movie so grab a Crystal Pepsi and party like it’s the ’90s. Also on Thom & Jeff this week it’s a “Who Knew” about Slapshot and we discuss why Thom needs his own personal jar of peanut butter. As always, it’s NSFW.

Show Line-up:

Comment Line
Celeb Wrap Up
Tom O’Keefe
Drunk Radiologist
Minimum Wage
Who Knew?
PBJ Vodka
Dog Molester
Daddy in a Dress

As always, the show is NSFW.

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