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“The Dark Knight” Scribe David Goyer Writing New “Superman” Script

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This can only be construed as good news. David Goyer who was responsible for the scripts for both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight is being hired by DC/WB to write the new Superman reboot. The studio wants to put the film on the right track to get it to screen before their rights expire to the character in 2013.

Goyer who just recently dropped out of the showrunner  position of his show, ABC’s FlashForward, is currently said to be writing a sequel to 2008’s megahit The Dark Knight, with Christopher Nolan and his brother Jonathan Nolan.  Goyer is a bit of an expert in field of comic book adaptations. His career took off when he wrote the Blade films, and it hit new levels with his work on Batman Begins. Since then he has worked on scripts for X-Men Origins: Magneto and Y the Last Man. The Superman series would just be another notch in the belt of the comic book adaptation specialist.

Considered earlier for the role was Wanted and Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar, and director of Kick-Ass Matthew Vaughn were apparently in talks to work with WB on a new Superman almost a year ago. Millar has come out on his messageboard to hit some of the rumors.

“I must stress that the ‘inside info’ on my relationship to the movie is nonsense,” Millar said “I can say on the record that Vaughn had meetings with [Warner Bros.] about our ideas over a year ago.”

“I can’t stand these massive declarations coming from ‘unknown sources,'” he added. “I’ve said on the record that WB had direct and serious talks with Vaughn and Vaughn was only doing it if we did it together. This didn’t work out and we’re doing something else, but the notion that it’s fiction is insane.”

“Awesome for Goyer,” he said giving an endorsement of the writer. “He’s a brilliant writer and a mate of mine so [I] feel this could not be in better hands.”

The tentative title for the project is Man of Steel, and the studio apparently is planning on a full reboot back to the origin.  Can Goyer hit gold with WB again?