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T.V. Weekly Cut List: 9/19-26

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The “T.V. Cut List” is a list of the shows that I am currently watching. I decided that this season I am going to incorporate the “Cut List” into my T.V. viewership and Weekly Recap. At this point I have 30 shows that are on my watch list. By the end of this year I want that number to be down to 20 and by the end of the season I want the number between 10 and 15, so now I have quite a bit of work.

I currently have nine Dramas (all new), nineteen Sitcoms (six new), and two Reality shows on My Watch List.  There will be shows added on to the list as they premiere, but the late premieres may hurt them on the list.

Here is how the scoring will work. All the Program’s are judged on five criteria: Viewership Score (VS), Entertainment Score (ES), Plot Score (PS), and Character Score (CS), and a Weekly Score (WS). Viewership Score is how well the show did in viewership (I’ll get into the points breakdown in a minute). Entertainment Score is how well I thought the show did as a whole. Character Score is how well I thought the Characters have been developed. Plot Score is how well the show was written. Finally Weekly Score is how well the show is doing from week to week as a whole.

The Safe and Danger Zone is what determines whether a show will remain on My Watch List. Safe and Danger Zones are separated accordingly, 50% of the shows are in the Safety Zone and 50% are in the Danger Zone. Three weeks in the Danger Zone and you are put into the Cut Zone. Once you are in the Cut Zone you have two weeks to revive yourself and get back into at least the Danger Zone or else the show joins the “Cut List” and is no longer a part of this game. I’ve separated the shows up into three categories Drama, Sitcom, and Reality. There will also be an Overall Leaderboard

Shows can lose points for having a week off because the Weekly Score, so the more often a show is on the more often it will receive points. If a show ever drops to -25 points for the season then the show is automatically moved to the Cut List.

There is one other way that a show can be cut and that is by the predetermined “Cut Weeks” throughout the Season where the two lowest scoring shows overall for the season get cut from the list. There will be five Cut Weeks throughout the Season and they will be announced at the beginning of the weeks.

So there are three ways a show can get cut and that is by the Cut Zone, hitting -25 points, and by Cut Weeks. That’s not including if a show is cancelled by a network. Cancellation doesn’t take a show off the Cut List but the show won’t gain anymore points and probably be cut during one of the Cut Weeks.

Points go as follows:

Viewership Score is strictly off of the people watching the show.

4 pts < 15 million viewers

3pts 10-14.9 million

2 pts 7.5-9.9 million

1 pt 5-7.4 million

0 pts 4-4.9 million

-1 pt 3-3.9 million

-2 pts 2-2.9 million

-3 pts 1-1.9 million

-4 pts > .9 million


Plot Score is based off the shows writing

3 pts if I thought it was amazing

2 pts if it was a very good episode

1 pt if I thought it was a solid episode

0 pts if I’m in between on it being good or bad

-1 if it wasn’t a solid episode

-2 if it had plot holes and wasn’t well written

-3 if it was absolutely horrible


Character Score is based off of the shows characters

3 pts for great Characters

2 pts for good Characters

1 pt for solid Characters

0 pts for in between

-1 pt Undeveloped Characters

-2 pts Bad Characters

-3 pts Horrible Characters


Entertainment Score is based off of how much I was entertained by the episode. As a part of that I add the Character and Plot Scores to the Entertainment Score and get the Total Entertainment Score (TES)


3 pts (plus CS and PS)- if I was heavily entertained

2pts (plus CS and PS)- if I was entertained a great deal

1 pt (plus CS and PS)- if I was entertained in general

0 pt (plus CS and PS)- if I was in between

-1 pt (plus CS and PS)- if I wasn’t entertained

-2 pts (plus CS and PS)- if I was bored by the episode

-3 pts (plus CS and PS)- if I fell asleep or was bored out of my mind.


Next I add the Total Entertainment Score (CS + PS + ES) and add that total and the VS together to get the Total Score for the week and that total determines who is in the Top 50% and receives the points from the Weekly Score.


Weekly Score is based off if a show is in the Safe Zone or Danger Zone.

5 pts if in Safe Zone and -5 pts if in the Danger Zone.


Weekly Score also carries over from week to week. For Example, lets say a show is in the Safe Zone for three consecutive weeks then it would receive 15 pts that week in WS, but once a show leaves the Safe Zone then it starts over. The Danger Zone Score does not carry over from week to week


In the event of a tie the Total Entertainment Score (TES) is the tiebreaker. If there is still a tie after that then the Viewership (View) is the tie breaker.


Points do not go into effect until after a shows Premiere Date. All scores are based off of individual episodes and not off of the show as a whole. Now lets get into the initial reactions and the first Cut List.


For the week ending Sunday September 25, 2011