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Roger Qbert on the Thom and Jeff Podcast (12/29)

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Tom Okeefe on Thom and Jeff Show Mystery Science Theater 3000It’s a light week for film releases as the studios cost to the end of the year on their Christmas releases.  So instead of review a film this week I discussed the topic of “quote whores”.  Those are critics who enjoy seeing their names on film posters so much that they will say the most ridiculous things about the most horrible movies just to make it happen.  Ever wonder who that critic is who has a quote on a Dane Cook poster?  Well, here’s your answer.  You can read the full article here.

Also, we do a Who Knew.  For those of you unfamiliar, “Who Knew” is a segment where each of us gives ten small factoids on a particular topic.  This week’s topics include “tattoos”, “Charlie Brown” and, ummmm…“lady parts”.  I’ll let you guess which list was mine.

As always, it’s not safe for work and it might make your parents blush.  You’ve been warned.

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