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Pics and Interview on Inception

Posted: April 11, 2010 at 4:56 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

LA Times has a story and some production and behind the scenes pics of Inception, my most anticipate film of the year.  I was at Wondercon and saw the extended trailer and was absolutley blown away by what I saw and by what Nolan had to say.  With that said, you can get one of the most in-depth looks yet with a recent post over at the LA Times.  Here is a sample:

“I always find myself gravitating to the analogy of a maze,” he said. “Think of film noir and if you picture the story as a maze, you don’t want to be hanging above the maze watching the characters make the wrong choices because it’s frustrating. You actually want to be in the maze with them, making the turns at their side, that keeps it more exciting…I quite like to be in that maze.”

Head over to L.A. Times to get the full story and more pics and you can trust me coming from a level headed viewer (i.e. not a crazy fanboy who only loves Nolan because he made The Dark Knight, though I still hold him as one of his generations greats) that I don’t know if we are ready for what this movie is going to have to offer.

See you there this July!