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Movies That Take Place Along the Mexican Border, In Honor of ‘2 Guns’

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Movie #6: The Buried Treasure – Flashpoint

Year – 1984

A more or less hidden gem from 1984, Flashpoint stars Kris Kristofferson and Treat Williams as two Texas Border Patrol Agents who discover a jeep buried in the desert, along with a skeleton, a rifle, and $800,000 in cash. Wrongly thinking that something that has just been sitting there, under mounds of sand, wouldn’t be missed, things go from bad to worse for the guards. The movie becomes a thriller involving one of the greatest conspiracy theories of our time and features a cool, Tangerine Dream-y score, by Tangerine Dream. Flashpoint – the first feature to be produced by HBO – failed to burn up the box office, but is well worth checking out. DG

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