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Movies That Take Place Along the Mexican Border, In Honor of ‘2 Guns’

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Movie #2: The Cult ClassicFrom Dusk Till Dawn

Year – 1996

From a story by Robert Kurtzman… from a screenplay by Quentin Tarantino… from post-Desperado/pre-Spy Kids Robert Rodriguez and starring George Clooney in his first big lead performance outside of the ER. This is a love-it or hate-it… or love-half-of-it/hate-the-other-half kind of movie. What starts as a tale of the ruthless, bank-robbing Gecko Brothers as they attempt to make it across the Mexican border quickly turns into a wild, Mexican-vampire-nudie-action-blood-comedy-splatterfest. Clooney shows his star appeal as Seth and Quentin Tarantino shows that writing a smaller, less glamorous role for yourself – as Richie, Seth’s brother – is often better for the movie (and yourself, because you wrote yourself drinking tequila off of Salma Hayek, as she pours it down the length of her body.) If you want to see Tarantino and Rodriguez dig on grindhouse, before actually making Grindhouse, check this one out. DG

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