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Marion Cotillard “Discussing” THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

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I was all for Ms. Cotillard playing Selina Kyle / Catwoman, but in writing this article I discovered she is pregnant so obviously she would not be able to complete the prep work that Catwoman may need to do physically for the film.  But there isn’t stopping her from appearing in the film.  We do know how Nolan loves to work with the same people.

This weekend a French magazine was reporting that Marion was signed on for The Dark Knight Rises.  That article reported that she would join the production late in the summer.  She is due to give birth sometime in May.  Many people were still skeptical about this report due to its lack of sources.  And would Marion be ready physically and mentally to get back to work a mere three months after giving birth?

This morning The Hollywood Reporter found out for sure.  THR contacted one of Cotillard’s reps who confirmed that she is “discussing” being in the film.  They then went on to say that nothing is set in stone.  So will Cotillard be another actor to add to the list appearing in the film?

My money is yes.  I feel that the only reason she would turn this down is due to just giving birth and the pregnancy which is a completely understandable reason.  But why else would anyone turn down a role in the biggest, most anticipated film of 2012.  They wouldn’t.  So who would Cotillard play?

I think the only for sure idea is that it is a love interest.  I, as well as many other sites, have to guess Talia al Ghul.  I could see her as being new to the Gotham scene.  She doesn’t reveal who true identity to Bruce Wayne, but gets in close with him.  Maybe she hires Bane to take him down? A lot of people are complaining that perhaps the film is getting too crowded with Hardy, Hatheway, and Levitts, but I trust Nolan.  He is going to complete his trilogy and it will be quite impressive.

Who do you think Cotillard will play?  Does this film need another villain?