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Big Brother Season 13 – Week Three Recap / Review

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Big Brother Season 13 LogoWell color me intrigued and annoyed at the same time! So, as I reported last week, Jordan won HOH and without hesitation, put up Dominic and Adam for elimination. The HOH challenge was a letdown for the most part. It didn’t seem that anyone tried too desperately to win. It was a golfing game. If you watched any of the “Showtime After Dark” series, you did see that a few people wanted to practice way more than others, but still none of them seemed to try super hard. Don’t get me wrong here…I was extremely happy to see my girl win!

Dominic was very unhappy and still thinks that Adam has sold him out and has turned traitor. Which is funny because its not true for one thing, and for another, Adam feels the same about Dom! Anyway, it is bad news for Danielle, who is either really stringing Dom along with telling him she wants him to stay; or she is about to start a new sho-mance with this younger dude! This girl is either a genius or an idiot…only time will tell! She does start campaigning heavily against Cassie at this point, as does Brendon and Rachel. I have to say I was really disappointed in the Vegas duo…they were quite immature and catty as far as their attitude toward Cassie. I think it really is more because Rachel has some serious low self esteem. Cassie actually impressed me with her calm and style in how she approached everyone this week.

So we move into the POV competition, which hilariously, is a contest over walking a balance beam and chewing gum at the same time! If you fall off the beam you are out of the competition unless you take another chance, but you have to go on the infamous BB slop (some kind of oatmeal-like dish, not very tasty per the houseguests). Dom and Adam have decided regardless of how their partner does, they are going to win. Everything is actually quite funny and moving well until Jordan falls off the beam. She wants to jump back on but Jeff advises her its not worth the slop option when she wasn’t close to winning anyway. This sets Rachel off on one of her usual speak-before-thinking comments and she kind of throws a snide comment at Jordan. Jeff, who is usually the calm cucumber of the group, finally gets pissed, and it will lead to strong words after the competition is over.

Rachel falls off the beam and rushed to jump on, regardless of her team mates telling her not to. In the end, Dom wins by a hair, and boy is he EXCITED to say the least. Jeff confronts Rachel about the comments and tells her she needs to really chill out. She runs off to hide in a bush (I’m serious here!) and Brendon has to go talk her into coming out. Dom of course takes himself and Adam off the hit list, and are replaced by Cassie and Shelly. My question is, how are Jawon and Delia hiding out and not being nominated here? Regardless, Cassie and Shelly are devastated and neither wants to campaign against the other. In the end, Jordan stays with her alliance, and the whole house unanimously vote off Cassie. Too bad, because I actually was starting to like this firebrand from Texas!

We move on to the HOH challenge, a quiz based on viewer’s answers. It was a tight race for the first three rounds and suddenly, only Brendon and Rachel were left standing, with Rachel winning it in the end. I only hope she sticks to her alliance the way they have stuck to her, or all hell will break out! Tune in next week for more madness!

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