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77: ‘Taken 3’ Starring Liam Neeson, Forest Whitaker

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This week on the show it’s Taken 3. The first one was awesome, the second one…not so much. Is the third time a charm? Well, let’s just say that Liam Neeson isn’t the only one with a special set of skills. It’s just that his skills are much cooler. We might not be able defend ourselves in a bar fight but we can really hurt your feelings while you’re punching us.

All this plus a special guest joins us this week. Bonnie Richardson, formerly of 105.7 The Point and 97FM The Rock, joins the spoilage.

It’s Reel Spoilers #77: Taken 3.

You’ve been warned.

Starring: Tom O’Keefe, Bonnie Richardson, Blake Fehl, Joe Buttice, Kevin Brackett
Run-time: 1hr 18min

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