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6 Movies with Giant Freaking Robots, In Honor of ‘Pacific Rim’ Directed by Guillermo del Toro

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Movie #3 – Real Steel

Year – 2011

Well, if there was ever a ridiculous idea for a film, here it is.  Set in a not-too-distant future when the top sport is robot boxing (yeah, you read that right), Hugh Jackman plays a retired fighter who tours the county fair boxing circuit with the robotic equivalent of a jalopy.  He’s narcissistic and bitter until he’s forced to take care of the 11-year old son he’s never met.

From there the story is exactly what you’d expect it to be with one small exception – it’s, ummm…kinda awesome.  Now, keep in mind that this is very much a kids’ movie.  It’s predictable and sappy.  At times it’s even maudlin.  But it’s surprisingly well-written.  The characters are fleshed-out and the story, though at times cliché, works.  You’ll find yourself cheering for these people in spite of yourself and, you know, that theater I saw it in might have been a little bitty dusty towards the end.

All that, and robots punch each other in the face.  Now that’s quality family entertainment.

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