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6 Bad Comedy Sequels In Honor of ‘The Hangover Part III’

Posted: May 25, 2013 at 1:05 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Movie #5 – Sex in the City 2

Year – 2010

While the premise of transplanting these liberated ladies to the hyper-conservative world of the Middle East would, on its face, seem to be a good idea, the execution was sorely lacking. Moving the story out of New York was major miscalculation in that the “city” was almost a fifth character. Compounding problems is that three of the four characters are now married. The end result being that Sex and the City is almost entirely devoid of both of “sex” and “city”.


Sex and the City 2 took on a smug “liberal-er than thou” attitude. It takes great pains to thumb its nose at the antiquated submissiveness the region requires of its women. But the subject matter is such low-hanging fruit, and their methods of mockery so cloyingly simplistic, that it all starts to feel mean-spirited. By the time the girls take to the stage of a Middle Eastern karaoke bar and *gulp* “inspire” a bar full of “repressed females” with their cringe-inducing rendition of I Am Woman.

Making matters worse, the film attempted to re-imagine its own slavish devotion to high-end couture as some sort of feminist statement.

The picture clocks-in at a bloated two hours and forty-five minutes. If you figure that the average length of an episode was twenty-five minutes that makes this the equivalent of watching six and a half episodes back-to-back. That’s almost half a season in one sitting. And it feels like it.

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