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Tim’s Weekly Top Five – “Bad Ass Chicks in Film”

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Salt Movie Poster Large Angelina JolieThis week sees the release of Salt starring Angelina Jolie in her first film since Wanted. I can’t wait to see this film for three reasons. 1. It is directed by Phillip Noyce who also directed The Saint starring Val Kilmer. 2. Kurt Wimmer wrote the screenplay who also wrote and directed one of my personal favorites, Equilibrium. 3. Angelina looks like a bad ass. This last reason has inspired this weeks top five. Let’s take a look at my top five bad ass chicks in film.

5. Selene – Kate Beckinsale. Say what you will about the film series and all its flaws, but you can’t deny that the lovely Kate Beckinsale made these movies better. From the very first scene of the film and she drops down off the ledge of the building only to stand up and walk away, you know you don’t want to mess with her.
Seline Kate Beckensale Pics

4. The Bride – Uma Thurman. Never mess with a woman on a mission of revenge. I’m not a huge Tarantino fan, but I do love these movies. Not only does she kill Bill, but she go went on a “roaring rampage of revenge”.
The Bride Uma Thurman Kill Bill Vol 2

3. Alice – Milla Jovovich. I love Resident Evil. I love the games. I love that the movies deviated from the games to be their own thing. I love how ridiculously over the top they keep getting. And I love that Alice is a superhuman that cannot be stopped and will just continue to kill all forms of zombies that get in her way.
Alice Milla Jovovich

2. Sarah Connor – Linda Hamilton. For me, Sarah was cool in Terminator. She did her thing. But then I watched Judgement Day and saw Ms. Connor doing pull-ups on her bed frame and I said “Damn”. She was very close to becoming number one on this list because she would seriously scare that crap out of me if I saw her in a dark alley.
Linda Hamilton Sarah Conner Terminator 2

1. Ripley – Sigourney Weaver. While Sarah Connor was heavily considered to be number one, should it really be doubted that Ripley would not take the top spot. Four films of battling aliens is pretty impressive alone, but then throw in the flame thrower as seen in Aliens and you get the epitome of a bad ass chick.
Ripley Alien Quadrilogy Sigourney Weaver

So what do you think? Any of your favorites left off the list? Let me know below in the comments.