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Tiger’s Mistresses: Total of Ten Women and counting?

Posted: December 7, 2009 at 7:21 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Tiger Woods is continuing to destroy his once stellar reputation. With women all across the states coming out and detailing their affairs with the married superstar golfer. Now it appears that his wife, Elin, has moved out of the house. Who wants to take bets that her lawyer is going to dive into a pile of gold like Scrooge McDuck? With the most recent report of Tiger having unprotected sex, there is just so much legal openings for Elin’s law team.

Well here is the current list for anyone keeping totals:

  • tiger-woods-and-elin-wifeRachel Utichel – The first woman suspected to be found out. She has denied the claims, but there is many rumors of a payoff. She is a club hostess/manager in New York. Originally there was talk of a press conference, but it was called off potentially to a $1 million dollar payoff.
  • Jamie Jungers – A Vegas waitress who claims to have had an 18 month affair with Mr. Woods.
  • Cori Rist – Alleged to friends to have had an ongoing affair with Woods. Is a catalog model based in New York.
  • Jamie Grubbs – Probably the highest profile mistress as she was featured on VH1’s Tool Academy.¬† Former cocktail waitress claims she has had a secret relationship with Woods since 2007. Has released voice recordings of Tiger fearing that his wife was about to find out about his affair.
  • Mindy Lawton – Started affair with Woods in May 2006 and lasted for approximately a year.
  • Kalika Moquin – Has not commented on the rumor, but is a Vegas nightclub manager that has been rumored to hook up with Woods.
  • Holly Sampson – What might be the final straw is a porn star. This one is shady, but you can expect Sampson’s video sales (and illegal downloads) to go through the roof.
  • Three Unidentified Women – What do a cougar, a British broadcaster, and a woman from Orlando haven in common? Well, they have all reportedly had sex with Tiger Woods.

There are a few questions I’m wondering after all this. Will Tiger’s sponsors keep him? Even if only half of these women turn out to be true, his image is shattered. There is no amount of publicity that will get this guy out of the hot seat for a few years. Will he stay with current wife Elin? Will this affect his play on tour?

It sucks to see an athlete who was once so well respected do something this stupid. I know a lot of people say this isn’t our business, and they are probably right. However, it is one of the unfortunate things that comes along with being a celebrity. Did he not think he would get caught? Very naive of him. Or did he just not care?

What are your thoughts on the story folks?