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The Killing Recap / Review

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The Killing Recap for 5/1/11

Week Five’s Episode “What You Have Left” started with Linden preparing for her departure from Seattle as her time on the force is finally up and she can start her new life with her fiancé Rick. Now this is the day of Rosie’s funeral and friends and family are the only ones allowed at the funeral. Linden and Holder go back to Bennett’s place in an attempt to find out more information from the neighbors. The first witness tells the detectives that they saw a girl, who he later identifies as Rosie, entering Bennett’s apartment at 10p.m. on the night of her murder. Later another witness, who has a telescope and watches over the neighborhood, tells the detectives that he seen Bennett and a woman carrying a body wrapped in a blanket out of the apartment at 12:03 a.m. Saturday morning. The detectives then attempt to go to Bennett’s apartment but with no answer, Amber was inside the apartment. As this is going on Belko, Stan’s best friend, receives information that the teacher, Bennett, is the one being interviewed by police. Now this happens at an after party type of thing for Rosie, in which Bennett is attending. Belko immediately gives this information to Mr. Larsen, who proceeds to go and “have a talk” with Bennett. Bennett then attempts to leave the party, saying that his wife was picking him up, but Stan insist on giving Bennett a ride home. I may add that earlier in this episode it is revealed that Stan has previous Mob experience. With all this going on Darren Richmond has a debate with Mayor Adams, in which Adams destroys Richmond on the Larsen case and Richmond’s involvement with Bennett. The episode ends with Stan driving Bennett somewhere, he failed to turn on Bennett’s street.

Now Here’s My Opinion on The Killing: This was another very boring episode for me. It just didn’t have very much action going on and you didn’t get much of anything else that is going to help with the case. It’s really hard to not say that Bennett is the leading suspect in this case at this point but I still want to know who the woman is that was helping him. Was it his wife or was it somebody else? I’m still dead set that Terry, Mitch’s sister, has something to do with the murder. Now last week I did say that Amber was a suspect because of Bennett and Rosie’s affair. I did also put Terry on my suspects list but now my list is only including these two women.

Here are my scenarios for both. Amber because of the affair, Bennett came home and found a dead Rosie, and helped Amber dispose of the body. Terry because she was jealous of Rosie, Terry was having the affair with Bennett, not Rosie, and they cooperatively killed Rosie and disposed of the body. Now I don’t know how the whole Stan and Bennett car ride is going to end but it does add some suspense for the coming weeks on The Killing.

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