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The Killing Recap / Review (4/24/11)

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Week Four’s Episode “Super 8” started with Linden and Holder interviewing Bennet over Rosie’s death because of the love letters and the visual evidence of the two of them being together, and throughout the episode more and more information is revealed that keeps the main suspect in the case to be Bennett. It’s revealed that Bennett had access to the Richmond campaigns vehicles because of his work with a group that Darren Richmond heavily supports, and if you remember Rosie’s body was found in the trunk of a “missing” Richmond campaign car. It’s also revealed that Bennett had no witness to account for where he was on the night of the murder. Strike three was when they found a highly used floor cleaning supply called ammonium hydroxide, which was also found in Rosie’s lungs, on her hands, and under her finger nails, and it turns out that ammonium hydroxide is strong enough that it would have washed away any drugs, alcohol, semen, finger prints, or pretty much any evidence out of Rosie’s system. You also get introduced to Bennett’s wife Amber, who was one of his former students and is now pregnant. Amber was away at her sister’s house the weekend of the murder because Bennett was having the floors cleaned at their house….or so we thought. The leak in the Richmond campaign is finally revealed to be Nathan, an intern who is apparently being paid eight grand a year from Mayor Adams to spy on the Richmond campaign. It’s also revealed that Councilwoman Ruth Yitanes, who has given her full support to the Richmond campaign, has also been working with Mayor Adams.

Now Here’s My Opinion on The Killing: This week it definitely came back with a vengeance. I felt this week’s episode was a lot better than last week’s. See in my opinion, with all the evidence they are finding pointing directly at Bennett, there is no possible way that he killed Rosie. There is going to be some twist in the coming week’s that has Bennett framed for the murder. I basically have it narrowed down to one of four people. It’s going to be either Amber (Bennett’s wife), Belko (Stan Larsen’s co-worker), Terry (Mitch Larsen’s sister), or Stephen Holder (New Detective). Here’s my reasoning for all those suspects:

Amber because she found out about Bennett and Rosie and wanted to get rid of her and frame her husband. Belko because he is looking to screw over Stan and resents him for having the life he always wanted. Terry because she wants her sister, Mitch, to have the life that she has always wanted. Finally, Stephen Holder is on the list because I feel since he is new to the force then he was looking for a high profile case to start his career off with, win or lose he’ll look good.

Now I am looking forward to the coming week’s so that I can get more and more information in the coveted case and then I can truly know exactly Who Killed Rosie Larsen?

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