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The Killing Recap / Review (4/17/11)

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Week Three’s Episode “A Soundless Echo” started with Detectives Linden and Holder interviewing Jasper Ames and Kris Echols over the video they ended last week’s episode with, that had the two of them supposedly raping Rosie on the night of her murder. Turns out the girl in the video, getting raped, was actually Rosie’s best friend Sterling, who failed to mention this in her previous interview with the police. This time Sterling did happen to mention that Rosie quite often left school early on a bus….and not a school bus. The episode then focuses on the upcoming funeral for Rosie. Then, it is revealed that Stan Larsen, Rosie’s father, had purchased a house that he had every intention of moving his family in to. Detective Holder sets out to find out exactly where Rosie was going on the bus. Later, upon further inspection by Detective Linden, it’s revealed that Rosie was keeping love letters from everyone hidden in a globe in her bedroom. Shockingly just as Holder a major clue as to who Rosie was meeting its revealed simultaneously that her teacher, Bennet was the author of the love letters.

Now Here’s My Opinion on The Killing: Compared to the previous episodes this one was actually really kind of boring. I mean I did get a lot from the show plot wise this week, but it just seemed to lack the luster that I got out of the first two weeks of the show. Anyone who watches the show could have figured out that the teacher was involved with Rosie, more than he should be, but I wasn’t expecting him to be revealed as a suspect this early in the show. I expected him to be revealed later in the show so that he could have been taken more seriously as a suspect in Rosie’s murder. At this point I feel that whoever is revealed as a suspect will just be pushed aside and taken off of the list. With that being said, I’m still really into the show and I am looking forward to see exactly what they will do with the show to keep it from losing steam.

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