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“The Flash” Finds A Director in Greg Berlanti

Posted: February 26, 2010 at 12:41 pm   /   by   /   comments (3)

It seems this week is a good week for comic book adaptation news. So far this week we’ve received news that David Goyer is working on a new Batman script, also doing the Superman script, and we also got the short list for who might be playing Captain America. Now it seems that the long awaited Flash movie is finally moving along, seeing as it has picked up director Greg Berlanti at its helm.

Berlanti was one of the final candidates to direct the Green Lantern film which he co-wrote with Marc Guggenheim, but the studio decided in the end to go with Casino Royale director, Martin Campbell.  Apparently, the quality of the Green Lantern script was so good that WB was considering him for the directors chair, but have now decided to hand him the reins of The Flash. So far it is just a rumor, but WB has been known to go in house before.

I still don’t know which version of The Flash they will be using. Most likely they will be using Silver Age hero Barry Allen who is a police scientist who gets struck by lightning and gets chemicals all over him that allow him to access “The Speed Force”, the hero can move blindingly fast, and has reflexes to match. The Flash is the ever present defender of Central City. WB might also go with Wally West who has been the Flash for almost twenty five years.