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PS3 Slim is Revealed!

Posted: August 19, 2009 at 1:12 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Head to Cnet for the full details but here is a quick summary of what you are getting in to.

Available on store shelves September 1st, the long rumored re-boxing of the Playstation 3 software will finally be available to the public.¬† Carrying a price tag of $299 the system doesn’t reestablish PS2 backwards compatibility or add IR for remotes.¬† But it keeps all over functionality, playing Blu-Rays, DVD, CD’s, and PSOne games.¬† The Slim will have a 120GB hard drive as well, and is upgradable like the current gen model.¬† The new slim will also ship with firmware 3.00 and will definitely fall onto many more Christmas lists again this year.

If you have been waiting to take the Blu-Ray plunge, this is the way to go!¬† The PS3 is still one of the top Blu-Ray players out there with great up-conversion for your existing DVD’s to boot.¬† Plus you can play video files through a flash drive on the PS3 in excellent quality as well.¬† So if you are looking for an excellent home video machine, this is it, plus you get a great video game system on the side!