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Movie Review: STUDIO 666 Starring Dave Grohl, Pat Smear

Posted: February 25, 2022 at 11:01 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The Foo Fighters can do no wrong it seems. The band is one of the last true rock n’ roll bands left. Frontman Dave Grohl is an acclaimed author and mega-rockstar. So for a band that has sold millions of albums, headlined every festival on the planet and can seemingly do no wrong, the next thing to do would be a horror film?

That’s right, Grohl and the other members of the band can be seen in the new horror-comedy film, ‘Studio 666’ out today in theaters.

The band members play themselves in this gory, yet laughable horror film that is one of the sillier films to hit the big screen in quite some time.

The plot is quite simple. The band is looking to make their 10th album at a big old house in San Fernando Valley. Once in the house, chaos ensues, as does a pretty badass sounding metal album. Each member is picked off one-by-one by a ghost or demon that is in the home. In what comes off as a cross between a SNL skit and a sequel to ‘Evil Dead,’ we get beheadings, bodies cut in half, hilarious sex scenes resulting in gruesome kills and the band just having a hell of a good time.

So what makes this B-horror film so fun? It’s the fact that Grohl and his bandmates can joke about themselves and never seem to take life too seriously. The Foo Fighters haven’t had a huge hit in years, perhaps a decade, yet remain one of rock’s biggest acts, selling out shows all over the world and being hall of fame inductees. You can now add to that movie stars.

Yes, the acting is not the greatest, but that’s okay. This is the type of movie you watch after taking some edibles or having a few cocktails. It’s not meant to be anything more than a fun time, and that’s exactly what it is. I haven’t laughed at someone being crushed by a car in a film until now. Grohl, along with bandmates Taylor Hawkins, Chris Shiflett, Nate Mendel, along with friends Lionel Richie, Whitney Cummings, and Will Forte are each picked off one-by-one in gruesome and hilarious death scenes.

In an era where some bands have seemingly forgotten how to have a good time and insist on wallowing in their own misery and forcing listeners to wallow along, the Foo Fighters show that rock is still alive, as is comedy when it comes to music. ‘Studio 666’ is hardly a brilliantly made film, yet it’s effective at what it set out to do, entertain the viewer. If you’re a fan of the Foo Fighters, the film is a must-see. If you are just looking for a good time and looking to kill 100 minutes, do yourself a favor and check out ‘Studio 666.’

‘Studio 666’ gets a B-.