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Links for 8/8

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-Check out the latest monthly Watchmen production video blog.

-Watchmen interviews with Billy Crudup, and here is one with Jeffery Dean Morgan. Watch for spoilers for non-comic readers.

-Brad Pitt is officially in on Inglorious Bastards! Here is a casting round up. Please Simon Pegg, please Simon Pegg!

-Check out these awesome Clone Wars posters! Here is one to the right.

-Don’t hold your breath for 3-D Star Wars any time soon. He also talks about Indy’s future.

-Here is a chat about Terminator Salvation with director McG.

-Here is another interview about Zack and Miri make a Porno.

-De Niro and Gibson are teaming up, Mel needs to get back in front or behind the camera ASAP.

Monster Attack could be cool if they use men-in-suits!

-I new Halo pitch is floating around the Hollywood hills, hopefully this turns into something, as I think the Halo movie could be cool if handled properly.

-The title certainly catches ones attention, Drink, Play, F@#k.

-W poster and pics, this could be great.

Justice League might be back on with George Miller still at the helm.

The Dogs of Babel sounds like a brilliant and sad tale. Color me severely intrigued.

-I like James Franco, I like Mark Ruffalo, sounds like a solid team to me, Sympathy for Delicious will also be helmed by Ruffalo.

Appaloosa looks awesome, Ed Harris directs and stars with Viggo Mortensen and Renée Zellweger, show me more modern Westerns!

-Here is the trailer for the latest Bret Easton Ellis adaptation, The Informers.

-Dark Knight made 400 million in 18 days, just ridiculous.

-Dmitri Martin will star in Ang Lee’s next, Taking Woodstock, and that is starting to shoot as we speak, this could be good.

-Kevin Smith was able to get an R rating on his appeal to MPAA without any cuts, yay!

-Suspiria, considered a David Argento horror classic, is being remade by David Gordon Green and will apparently star Natalie Portman.

-David Wain’s latest has a trailer staring Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott, Role Models, this could be a winner, lets hope its is better then The 10.

-The latest Cormac McCarthy (No Country for Old Men) adaptation is coming to be big screen later, entitled The Road, this year and here is the first pic and a story. More Viggo is good for everyone and Charlize Theron is usally pretty good as well, the premise sounds great though.

-James Cameron talks some Avatar.

-Cool interview with Robert Downey Jr., scroll to the end to get an interesting tidbit on the direction Sherlock Holmes is going.

-Is a new Goonies finally going to happen? It better be good enough.

Flash Gordon is getting a new feature film, from the makers of Sahara.

-Aintitcool tells the internets to chill and not listen to crazy rumors

-Gatchaman could be cool.

David Goyer talks about his future projects, The Invisible Man and Magneto.

-Rian Johnson (Brick) has lined up his next flick, Looper, sounds pretty cool, I am all for dark sci-fi.

That is it.