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-Here is the latest Watchmen video diary.

-And the full Quantum of Solace trailer!

-Will Smith will be playing, The Last Pharaoh, this is supposed to be a big action epic swords and sandals pic; should be interesting.

-The Inside Man sequel is apparently moving along, with both Denzel and Clive planning on coming back.

-The Gatchaman adaptation gets a video and some more stills over at the studios site. This is from the guys who brought us TMNT last year, which was pretty cool!

-Here is even more news about the Ghostbusters possible three-quel.

-Why is “The Shat” not in the Star Trek reboot? And JJ Abrams talks Fringe and more Star Trek.

-We are going to get The Wrestler this year!!! Can’t wait!

-The Coen’s next, A Serious Man, without any big stars, is beginning production in Minnesota.

-From Michael Caine’s mouth, Depp and Hoffman wanted but not in for Batman?

-Kevin Smith is set to do back to back non-comedies, Red State and a Sci-Fi superhero flick.

Evil Dead the Musical in 3-D? Wow!

-Depp and Gore Verbinski are re-teaming for a feature length animated film.

-Fox is trying to make more superhero flicks.

-Wes Anderson might have lined up his next project, having just finished production on The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and it is an adaptation of the French film My Best Friend. He might also direct, but it makes me sad he is going to have back to back adaptations as his next two films.

-Here is the Soloist trailer, or Oscar bait for Fox and Downey Jr.

Che has a release plan.

Arnold’s digital face in Terminator: Salvation? Hope it looks good.

-Iron Man 2 in IMAX 3D?

-Here is the trailer for Eastwood’s next, The Changling. This could be fantastic!

-There are a lot of good actors ‘Staring at Goats’!

-The Doomsday Protocol sounds pretty interesting.