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Link for 10-3

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-Here is a breakdown of the new Watchmen footage screened, and announcement of an official running time of 2 hours and 43 minutes.

-Check out that awesome Angels and Demons poster.

Thor has a director.

Max Payne gets the PG-13 it always wanted.

Russell Crowe will play both Nottingham and Robin Hood in the upcoming Ridley Scott adaptation, but I think there is more to this then a dual role.

-Has James Cameron not given up the love for Terminator Salvation?

Jack Black to play in a Bourne send up comedy, could be good, but could get lame.

-Here is a new Australia trailer.

-The RATner is doing God of War, millions of fanboys just collectively groaned.

Alan Ball talks up his upcoming slate, sign me up!

-Black Hawk Down meets Independence Day? Sign me up for the Battle of Los Angeles!

-What’s up with that 300 sequel talk?

Scorsese. De Niro. Back together? Sold.

Yogi Bear movie, ok…

-Here is a chat with John Favreau about Iron Man 2.

Sherlock Holmes has started production!

-Here is a report on the Resident Evil CGI movie.

Daredevil reboot talk.

-Check out the Dragonball movie teaser.