Kingdom Coming to Netflix July 1

Posted: June 24, 2020 at 12:58 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

One of the most underrated television shows in recent memory will finally get an audience that it deserves.

The MMA driven drama series Kingdom will begin airing on Netflix on July 1. All three seasons will be available to stream.

Kingdom first aired on the now-defunct Audience Network by AT&T. I happened to overhear Joe Rogen and Dana White speaking about the show and how realistic it was to the world of MMA. So, I decided to sit down and watch it. To say the show blew my mind was an understatement.

The series features Frank Grillo, Jonathon Tucker, Kiele Sanchez, and Nick Jonas. Yes, I said Nick Jonas. I can remember mentioning to people a few years back I was watching this great MMA show with Nick Jonas and they looked at me like I was insane. Once you tune in, you will understand just how good this show is. I haven’t found another show that has captivated me like Kingdom did. The show revolves around Grillo’s character Alvie, who is a retired fighter struggling to keep his gym afloat and maintain a relationship with his family. There are some stellar backstories within the three seasons. The show touches on everything from addiction to a character struggling with their sexuality.

I won’t give anything else away, but I implore you to give the series a watch on July 1. The final two episodes of the series are seriously among some of the best television I’ve seen. Don’t worry if you’re not a fight fan, there is so much more meat to this series than just MMA, that’s just a part of it. It’s truly a shame that Kingdom wasn’t widely recognized despite the stellar reviews it received. Perhaps now that Netflix has control of the show, it will finally get it’s due.

Kingdom can be seen on Netflix starting July 1.