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Restaurant Review – The Highlands Restaurant and Brewing Company

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Discovering a new micro-brewery is always bound to lead to a good time. The Highlands Restaurant and Brewing Company located in downtown Kirkwood supplies several of their own fresh brewed beers, and a full menu to cheap custom essays compliment all of the beverage choices.

The restaurant itself delivers an awesome package.

The building is huge, clean, and provides great viewing angles of the TVs to watch the Cardinals dominate again and again on their way to the post season.

When I say the place is huge, I mean it. Maybe not so big that you’ll have to leave bread crumbs when you leave your table to find your way back, but huge enough pack in a crowd a few times over. I came for lunch, so I experienced a mild mannered atmosphere, but I’m sure this restaurant provides a great spot for a night out with the friends.

Now onto my favorite part of a micro-brewery experience – trying new beers. Highlands provides a full selection of self brewed beers to choose from. Everything from a lager to an oatmeal stout can be found in the selection. I was impressed with the ones I tried. I started off with their Platinum Blonde Ale. It’s a light beer with just enough of those o-so-delicious hops to make it a smooth drinker, and a great introduction to their beer list. I also sampled their Blackberry Wheat. Now personally I’m not usually into wheat beers, they’re just not my style. This however perked my interest. A little darker and fruitier than the Blonde and definitely worth checking out if you like your drinks a little sweeter.

There is however a dark side to this Micro-brewery. Their food left a lot to be desired. Not in the mood to branch out – I went for their Western Chicken Sandwich: grilled chicken breast with pepperjack cheese, BBQ sauce, and bacon. Sadly the chicken didn’t come in generous enough portions, and the bun felt like something straight from the super market shelves. It wasn’t terrible, just disappointing. Add that to the fact that my companies order came out as a completely different meal made for an overall disappointing experience with the food and service.

The Highlands Restaurant and Brewing Company is definitely worth checking out. Especially if you, like me, enjoy experiencing new beers. Their beers in my opinion are some of the best you’ll find in the Saint Louis area. Hopefully you find their food a little more appealing than we did.

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You can check out their full menu at:

Highlands Restaurant and Brewing Company is located at:
105 E. Jefferson
Kirkwood, MO 63122