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Fall 2009 TV Premiere Dates

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Here is a list for you of all network scripted shows coming on the air this fall. There is lots of returning shows as well as new. I will have them sort three ways to make it easier on you. First one will be in alphabetical order, the second will be sorted by date. Enjoy! Hope you are as excited as I am for the new season.

Shows in alphabetical order:

30 Rock (Season 4) October 15th NBC
90210 (Season 2) September 8th CW
Accidentally on Purpose (Season 1) September 21st CBS
American Dad (Season 5) September 27th FOX
Bones (Season 5) September 17th FOX
Brothers (Season 1) September 25th FOX
Brothers and Sisters (Season 4) September 27th ABC
Castle (Season 2) September 21st ABC
Cold Case (Season 7) September 27th CBS
Community (Season 1) September 17th NBC
Cougar Town (Season 1) September 23rd ABC
Criminal Minds (Season 5) September 23rd CBS
CSI (season 10) September 24th CBS
CSI Miami (Season 8 ) September 21st CBS
CSI New York (Season 6) September 23rd CBS
Desparate Housewives (Season 6) September 27th ABC
Dollhouse (Season 2) September 25th FOX
Eastwick (season 1) September 23rd ABC
Family Guy (Season 8 ) September 27th FOX
Flash Forward (Season 1) September 24th ABC
Fringe (Season 2) September 17th FOX
Gary Unmarried (Season 2) September 23rd CBS
Ghost Whisperer (Season 5) September 25th CBS
Glee (Season 1) September 9th FOX
Gossip Girl (Season 3) September 14th CW
Grey’s Anatomy (Season 6) September 24th ABC
Hank (Season 1) September 30th ABC
Heroes (Season 4) September 21st NBC
House (Season 6) September 21st FOX
How I Met Your Mother (Season 5) September 21st CBS
Jay Leno Show (Season 1) September 14th NBC
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (Season 11) September 23rd NBC
Law and Order (Season 20) September 25th NBC
Lie to Me (Season 2) September 28th FOX
Medium (Season 4) September 25th CBS
Melrose Place (Season 1) September 8th CW
Mercy (Season 1) September 23rd NBC
NCIS (Season 7) September 22nd CBS
NCIS: Los Angeles (Season 1) September 22nd CBS
Numb3ers (Season 6) September 25th CBS
One Tree Hill (Season 7) September 14th CW
Private Practice (Season 3) October 1st ABC
Smallville (Season 9) September 25th CW
Southland (Season 2) October 23rd NBC
Supernatural (Season 5) September 10th CW
The Big Bang Theory (Season 3) September 21st CBS
The Beautiful Life (Season 1) September 16th CW
The Cleveland Show (Season 1) September 27th FOX
The Forgotten (Season 1) September 22nd ABC
The Good Wife (Season 1) September 22nd CBS
The Mentalist (Season 2) September 24th CBS
The Middle (Season 1) September 30th ABC
The Modern Family (Season 1) September 23rd ABC
The New Adventures of Old Christine (Season 5) September 23rd
The Office (Season 6) September 17th NBC
The Simpsons (Season 21) September 27th FOX
The Vampire Diaries (Season 1) September 10th CW
Three Rivers (Season 1) October 4th CBS
‘Til Death (Season 4) October 2nd FOX
Trauma (Season 1) September 28th NBC
Two and a Half Men (Season 7) September 21st CBS
Ugly Betty (Season 4) October 9th ABC
V (Season 1) November 3rd ABC

By Date:

September 8th

90210 (Season 2) September 8th CW
Melrose Place (Season 1) CW

September 9th

Glee (Season 1) FOX

September 10th

Supernatural (Season 5) CW
The Vampire Diaries (Season 1) CW

September 14th

Gossip Girl (Season 3) CW
Jay Leno Show (Season 1) NBC
One Tree Hill (Season 7) September 14th CW

September 16th

The Beautiful Life (Season 1) CW

September 17th

Bones (Season 5) FOX
Community (Season 1) NBC
Fringe (Season 2) FOX
The Office (Season 6) NBC

September 21st

Accidentally on Purpose (Season 1) CBS
Castle (Season 2) ABC
CSI Miami (Season 8 ) CBS
Heroes (Season 4) NBC
House (Season 6) FOX
How I Met Your Mother (Season 5) CBS
The Big Bang Theory (Season 3) CBS
Two and a Half Men (Season 7) CBS

September 22nd

NCIS (Season 7) CBS
NCIS: Los Angeles (Season 1) CBS
The Forgotten (Season 1) ABC
The Good Wife (Season 1) CBS

September 23rd

Cougar Town (Season 1) ABC
Criminal Minds (Season 5) CBS
CSI New York (Season 6) CBS
Eastwick (Season 1) ABC
Gary Unmarried (Season 2) CBS
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (Season 11) NBC
Mercy (Season 1) NBC
The Modern Family (Season 1) ABC
The New Adventures of Old Christine (Season 5) CBS

September 24th

CSI (Season 10) CBS
Flash Forward (Season 1) ABC
Grey’s Anatomy (Season 6) ABC
The Mentalist (Season 2) CBS

September 25th

Brothers (Season 1) FOX
Dollhouse (Season 2) FOX
Ghost Whisperer (Season 5) CBS
Law and Order (Season 20) NBC
Medium (Season 4) CBS
Numb3ers (Season 6) CBS
Smallville (Season 9) CW

September 27th

American Dad (Season 5) FOX
Brothers and Sisters (Season 4) ABC
Cold Case (Season 7) CBS
Desparate Housewives (Season 6) ABC
Family Guy (Season 8 ) FOX
The Cleveland Show (Season 1) FOX
The Simpsons (Season 21) FOX

September 28th

Lie to Me (Season 2) FOX
Trauma (Season 1) NBC

September 30th

Hank (Season 1) ABC
The Middle (Season 1) ABC

October 1st

Private Practice (Season 3) ABC

October 2nd

‘Til Death (Season 4) FOX

October 4th

Three Rivers (Season 1) CBS

October 9th

Ugly Betty (Season 4) ABC

October 15th

30 Rock (Season 4) NBC

October 23rd

Southland (Season 2) NBC

November 3rd

V (Season 1) ABC