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Dick Wolf Confirms “Law & Order” Not Coming Back to NBC

July 31, 2010 /  by  

The long running drama Law & Order will not be returning for a 21st season on NBC or any other network according to producer Dick Wolf.  The long time executive producer of the show told an assembly of TV critics in Beverly Hills today that the famous series will not be continuing, and he would be shifting his focus to the new Law & Order: Los Angeles series.

“I will confirm that it has moved to the  history books,” Wolf told reporters. “We’re extremely disappointed, but that’s business, that’s life. Every show is born under a death sentence. They just don’t tell you the date of execution.”

It is crazy to think that this show had twenty seasons, and there was even a possibility for a twenty first season. Most dramas are lucky to reach even half that, and Law & Order was enough of a cultural milestone that it lasted this long, and spawned numerous spinoffs as well.

What do you think? Should NBC have brought it back for another year? Let us know in the comments.