Concert Review: Todrick Hall at The Pageant

Posted: April 12, 2022 at 3:46 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)


The Femuline World Tour came to Delmar Hall recently, with Todrick Hall performing hits from his latest album of the same title, as well as some of his most popular song – including some remixed versions that were insane. I have never been to one of Hall’s performances but can affirmatively say that I will never miss one next time he rolls through town.

The show opened with a music video of Hall’s recent release for “Queen.” Following the music
video was an encore live performance which kicked the show off at a high volume. From then, it was
nothing but high octane, wonderfully choreographed, and flawless numbers.

I have to say, the costumes, performances, and montage mashups from previous releases
(actually, everything about this show,) was absolutely amazing. Todrick Hall not only delivered a show,
but a story, and did so in fierce ToddyHall fashion. The dancers for the tour stood out, and the
production value was something you’d see at a Stadium Tour, which was wildly exciting for the venue
hosting it.

The songs told stories that Todrick as well as other LGBTQ+ face and encounter, celebrating the
‘femuline’ concept and acceptance of identity. From love songs of previous flings to a love story written
for himself (including a tear-inducing moment with an audience member,) the positivity and messages
of self-love that radiated from the stage were contagious.

In fact, that wasn’t the only time the audience felt tears in their eyes. At one point in between
numbers, Todrick had his dancers take the stage in powerful performances to voice overs of their own
struggles, all whilst performing jaw-dropping solos as part of a giant performance. It was truly an
amazing thing to see.