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Restaurant Review – Blue Ocean Sushi

Posted: July 11, 2009 at 6:04 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

aboutus_sushiLocated in the Delmar Loop, Blue Ocean Sushi is the first restaurant I’ve seen to offer all you can edu review eat sushi. Yes you read correctly, http://viagracanadausa.com/ all you can eat.

There are only two types of sushi in this world. Great sushi, and terrible sushi. Terrible sushi is the kind that is made fresh for you at your local super market. It’s gross. You know it. I know it. However it does its job, and cures those sushi cravings that arise from time to time. Great sushi comes from restaurants like Blue Ocean Sushi.

This restaurant delivered. First of all, yes, there is all you can eat sushi options. They give you three packages to choose from ranging from $20 to $30 depending on your fish preferences. It is really that simple. However if you’re not up to stuffing your face, you can always go the route of the individual rolls (or 2 piece increments). I went the route that wouldn’t guarantee the use of a fork lift to get me out the door. I chose to chow down on a combination of California rolls and eel and cucumber rolls: two of my personal favorites. Not to worry, for the non-sushi lovers out there, there are also non-fishy items on the menu. I got to try a sample of their chicken teriyaki over Japanese noodles. Another filling meal that tasted great. So for those of you with significant others who claim to hate sushi (like me), and can’t ever quite get enough of it into your diet (also like me) – try to lure them in with some of Blue Ocean’s other tasty Japanese inspired menu items. Blue Ocean Sushi also offers a full list of Japanese style beers (Sapporo is my favorite), as well as cocktails, and saketinis to wash down your meal.

There are a couple unique qualities to this restaurant that can help to make your night out an adventure. You can play count the typos on the menu. A fun game including misspellings of many words like champagne: terrific to play while waiting on your first drink. Next there is The Door of Wonders. A door that tells you to pull, but after you try both pushing and pulling, you’ll realize something isn’t quite right… Fun to play after your first round of their great saketinis. You can also take a trip to the connected bar for some music, dancing, and additional drinking (Yes this requires passing through The Door of Wonders).

Really a night or an afternoon out at The Loop is always a good time, and Blue Ocean Sushi can help ensure you at least have a full stomach to add to your fun.

609 Eastgate Ave
Saint Louis, MO 63010