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St. Louis Baconfest 2013: Steve Interviews Matt Willer and Matt Guillot, Yearns for Bacon

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To a (Hopefully) Annual Event

The result is a day-long bacon celebration expected to gather 10,000 attendees. The Hog Log will be the main attraction, but there will certainly be other attractions. Baconfest will feature three bands, headlined by Steve Ewing, lead singer of local band The Urge. Willer and Guillot will also be pardoning a pig, much as the President does every Thanksgiving.

In addition, the Hog Log won’t be the only bacon product being served at the event. Eleven different restaurants and cafes have offered their services and will be serving various bacon-themed items throughout the day. On top of this, there will be a Bacon Battle at 4:30 consisting of ten judges tasting menu items from the vendors. Beer will be served as well, to the tune of $6 for a 16oz. serving. Kids who attend will get the chance to get balloon animals.

If Bacon Fest turns out to be a huge hit, Willer and Guillot are hoping to make it an annual event. The event is free to attend, but to get a piece of the Hog Log will cost money, at a price to be determined. If you’re still hesitant to attend (at this point, I’m not sure why you would be…bacon and beer!), keep in mind that this event also has philanthropic intentions, as proceeds from the Hog Log will benefit the USO. So you’re not just going to Baconfest for the bacon; you’re going for America, dammit.

BaconFest takes place Saturday, March 23, from 11a-9p at Kiener Plaza downtown. For more information, check out Baconfest’s website.