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132: George A. Romero’s ‘Night of the Living Dead’

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Joe wanted to do a “Reel Spoilers Rewind” while Kevin wanted to do a Halloween episode. So to shut them both up we did both. It’s a Reel Spoilers Rewind as we focus on Night of the Living Dead – the zombie movie that started it all. And to help us out we brought in horror film expert and aficionado Tim O’Saben from The Tim-O & Harley Show.

Join us as we discuss how copyright laws are fickle, this movie would make a fine musical and question whether or not Rob Cordry is a time traveler.

It’s Reel Spoilers Rewind/Halloween Special, Please Make Kevin and Joe Stop Yelling at Each Other Episode 132: Night of the Living Dead

You’ve been warned.

Starring: Tom O’Keefe, Kevin Brackett, Dan Graney, Joe Buttice
Run-time: 56min

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