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X Games 15 – Moto X, Best Trick Results

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kyle-loza-electric-doomX Games 15 – The Moto X Best Trick competition was held at the Staples Center on Friday. Check out the winners of the competition, as well as some clips from the event below. I can’t even comprehend how some of these riders could try these new tricks. Watching the video makes me think that I am playing a videogame or something… unbelievable. I guess because competition gets bigger every year, the Moto X riders had to step it up and try some impossible tricks that would mean “Gold” if landed.

In the end, it was Kyle Loza’s “Electric Doom” that had the judges’ attention (Pictured: Top-Right)…

X Games 15 Moto X Best Trick Results:

    1. Kyle Loza, 89.20
    2. Blake Williams, 88.00
    3. Todd Potter, 83.40
    4. Travis Pastrana, 61.40
    5. Paris Rosen, 57.80
    6. Charles Pages, 55.00
    7. Scott Murray, 51.80
    8. William Watts, 37.60


Watch clips from X Games 15 – Moto X, Best Trick: