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The Drawing Board – Reis, Samnee, Murphy, Coipel, Scallera, Ramos (Dec. 27)

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Happy Holidays to everyone!  

I hope all of you fine folks had a great Holiday this week and I thought I would give a belated Christmas gift.  I (your friendly neighborhood comic nerd) am going to post a weekly article showcasing some of my favorite artists.  We will call this The Drawing Board. My goal here is to have some fun, but also show the non comic fan that the comic book artists are truly amazingly talented.  There will be some folks in the article that you have heard of and some you have not.  If you like some of the art you see here, go look the artist up and support his or her work.

With all that out of the way, allow me to put on a show for your eyeballs!



Reis GL

Green Lantern by Ivan Reis

Reis is the current artist on Justice League




samnee batman

Batman (Detective Comics #27) by Chris Samnee

Samnee is the current artist on Daredevil



murphy punk rock

Punk Rock Jesus by Sean Murphy

Murphy is doing to art on The Wake from Vertigo Comics



Coipel Capt

Captain America by Olivier Coipel

Coipel is the current artist on Marvel Comics Inhumanity



Matteo Scallara League

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Matteo Scallera

Scallera is doing to art on Black Science and Dead Body Road for Image Comics



ramos spidey

The Amazing Spider-Man by Humberto Ramos

Ramos is one of many artists work on the Superior Spider-Man for Marvel Comics