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Weekly Top Five – Average Looking Dudes & Good Looking Women, In Honor of “Machete”

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Machete Movie Poster Robert RodriguezI am about to make a bold statement so get ready. Are you ready?

Danny Trejo is not the best looking man in the world. I said it. But the fans love him. Looking at his film career in recent years, he appears to be one of the hardest workers in Hollywood. The man has one project after another. You have to respect that. This week he has the hotly anticipated “Machete,” in which he hooks up with four women that are all not hard on the eyes. In honor of this miracle, this week I give you the top five average looking dudes that get ridiculously good looking women.

Marilyn Manson Photo5. Marilyn Manson is an enigma. He wears more makeup than almost any girl I know. His style is certainly his own. The man just straight up scares me. I envision him with a giant laboratory of torture devices in his basement. In reality I am sure he is a nice enough guy. He would have to be for both Rose McGowan and Evan Rachel Wood to be engaged to him at one point.

Adam Duritz Photo
4. Adam Duritz seems like a cool guy. The lead singer of Counting Crows kind of looks like Sideshow Bob in the hair department, but looks like the type that you would sit and watch a football game with while drinking at a bar. To me, this translates into a cute girl that everyone gets along with and likes. Duritz is currently dating brunette beauty Emmy Rossum.

Mickey Rourke Ugly Picture
3. I am not a fan of Mickey Rourke. His performance in The Wrestler did not blow me away. I think he was just weird during the entire award season for that performance. And I picture him as being kind of conceited. Not only do I think he is attractive enough to snag a beauty, I don’t want to see him snag a beauty. Rourke was once rumored to be seen with Kim Basinger and is now rumored to be engaged to Russian model Elena Kuletskaya.

Chris Robinson Married Kate Hudson
2. Chris Robinson is the lead singer of The Black Crowes, but I think he is more famous for once being married to Kate Hudson. He is no longer due to their divorce being finalized in 2007, but you must admit that he accomplished something pretty remarkable.

Hugh Hefner Old Photo
1. Hugh Hefner. The man has accomplished some miracles. Sure he is unbelievably rich. Sure he could make you into a celebrity. But there is only one thing that I see when I look at him. The man is 84. Most men don’t live to that age. He is with women one fourth his age. I will never understand it. I don’t know how the girls do it