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Tom O’Keefe Reviews ‘The Hunger Games,’ Talks ‘Godfather 2’ on Who Knew on the Thom and Jeff Show (3/22)

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The Thom and Jeff Show Podcast #134

The Hunger Games Movie Poster Collage

This week we talk about a porn star going to prom, The Godfather 2 in “Who Knew” and I review The Hunger Games.

Show Line-up:

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Celeb Wrap Up
Who Knew?
Tom O’Keefe
Fake Vagina at Walgreens
No Prom for Porn Star
No sluts or hoes on radio in La
How to be a Radio Announcer
Bragging on Radio
Heroin in Belly
Jesus Said Beat the Children
Video Games: Click Here

As always, it’s NSFW.  You’ve been warned.

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