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The Virginity Hit

Posted: September 24, 2010 at 5:02 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The Virginity Hit Movie Poster.jpgThe idea behind “The Virginity Hit” is clever, as four friends chronicle their journey to lose their virginities on camera. Filmed in a documentary style, often times on cell phones and consumer cameras, the movie feels like it could be real. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean it is always something you want to be watching.

Out of the four best friends – Jacob, Justin and Zack all have lost thier virginities, leaving Matt as the last one holding onto his v-card. They started a ritual where each of them takes a “hit” out of a ceremonial pipe after doing the deed for the first time (hence the title of the film). Matt and his girlfriend Nicole are waiting for the perfect moment to consummate their love for each other, with their friends documenting the days leading up to it on film. Everything seems great, until rumors that Nicole cheated on Matt at a college party start spreading. They ultimately lead to a confrontation, and their plans are called off indefinitely. But Matt’s friends won’t give up so easily. They continue their filming, as they do everything they can to get Matt to take his own “virginity hit.”

The look and feel of the film was pulled off almost flawlessly. It really felt like it was a documentary throughout, and the unknown actors did a good job pulling it off. Beside from some of the plot points, that were pretty hard to believe would actually happen, it seemed like it very well could have been filmed by a group of four kids. With that being said, it often times felt like the movie was trying to be something that we have seen before. It was obvious that Zack was channeling Jonah Hill for the entire movie. He sounded just like the famous actor, and even pulled off the same jokes that have been done by Hill in his movies. While the movie definitely had it’s share of originality, it often felt like it was trying to be “Superbad” if it were a documentary.

It was clever how the filmmakers pulled off most of the shot’s in the movie. It was intriguing enough to watch, probably just to see how it is executed. Throughout the movie, the camera changes angles back and forth between a high definition camera, and several smaller consumer cameras. Actually watching the actors in the movie filming scenes gave it a realistic feel, which was a plus. Although when things would happen that just didn’t seem realistic, it starts to take you out of the element of reality. There were also times where the main camera would change angles, while they were supposed to only have the one high definition camera. That, paired with the face that it seemed they had every shot they needed, lost a little bit of the feel that they were going for. But overall, it kept things from getting too stale, so it is hard to blame them for keeping it interesting.

“The Virginity Hit” is a sign that consumer video equipment is getting good enough where amateur filmmakers can produce a mainstream product, given the right quality material to work with. Although the film isn’t claiming to be real, it often feels like it could be. It was entertaining to see how it was executed, and the film has a bazaar enough premise to keep you interested until the end. Overall, I think the film will be a stepping-stone and inspiration to more movies that will learn a trick or two from it’s production.

“The Virginity Hit” is a C+