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Sundance Coverage: Day Six

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Day Six

Well my little snow bunnies, today has been the MOST exciting for me of all! The weather was ok…not like I see a lot of it, because I’m inside for most of the watching movies! But when I can actually see some daylight, it looks good! We get moments of snow, then a ray or two of sun.

So on to my wonderful adventures! Today I actually got to go to the Press and Filmmakers Reception, where they have a great line-up of food, an open bar and lots of fantastic conversations with the filmmakers. I was like a child in a candy store! I lined up quite a few interviews for the show, so my executive producers will be happy!

So here’s the film of the day…traffic was bad so we only got to the one, but it was well worth it.


Starring the beautiful Adrien Brody and and Sarah Polley, Splice is a movie that will affect you in many ways…curiosity, disgust, sympathy and just pure weirdness! Adrien Brody plays an established scientific engineer along with his girlfriend (Polley). They have been working on a DNA splicing project in which they take DNA from various species and combine it to create a new life form, one that produces chemicals that can address various human disease strains. They take it upon themselves to introduce human DNA into the mix, and the results are…well, you will need to see it for yourself! It creates an interesting scenario into DNA work. Do these creatures have rights as humans or are they literally the lab animals that they have been bred to be? Director Vincenzo Natali has a gem on his hands. The movie could have become corny and stupid, but Brody handles it with panache and actual sensitivity to the character made it so interesting to follow. This one is one that you won’t want to miss; alien life, DNa splicing, respect for life.

Stay tuned for tomorrow!
The Raven